The Development Status of Light Industry in East China

Harboring a sense of ownership, the local light manufacturing enterprises in East China has made exceptionally great achievements, even some has played a leading role in its market, such as the ones in Shanghai. However, some other light manufacturing enterprises keep their eyes on this promising area, bringing forth fierce competition for the light industry. As for the local light manufacturing enterprises, they should bear the sense of competition and improve their competitiveness.
Xu Jianwu, a Luyuan’s distributor in Shanghai Chengda Lighting Marketing, says that Luyuan and Baodi have gained a firm foothold in Shanghai. However, owing to the low profit of Luyuan, retail fails to support a exclusive store. Therefore, local light manufactures should seek for industry diversity. Yao Zhihua, the one who comes from Shanghai Qiangsheng Wujing Jiaodian Co., Ltd, says that the lighting manufacturers in East China take the exceptional geographical advantage and make great achievements in Shanghai. While the light manufacturers from Guandong, owing their limited industry scale and low product quality, cannot impose any threaten towards the manufacturers in East China.
Xu Heying, a staff from Longhua Hardware Appliance Store in Xiaoshan Commercial City says the Guangdong manufactures lower the product price, leaving the quality suspicious, while the products by manufacturer in East China are of higher quality and prices. Reng Xiaoyan, the GM of Shuaifeng Lighting Co., Ltd in Hangzhou Lighting Market says the lighting manufacturers in East China should urgently lower the price and enhance the distributors profits. At present, some manufacturers have slowed down the makeup, and reduced 10% in prices.
Hu Hongchao, the GM of Ningbo Suohong Lighting Co., Ltd. says the light manufacturers in East China should enhance their brands awareness, increase marketing methods and improve their cost control capacity to make their products much more competitive. Zhao Wenqun, the GM of Ningbo Yuzhou Lighting Co., Ltd. thinks that the light manufacturers in East China focus too much on export trade while ignoring the domestic market. In addition, the product simplicity, to a certain extent, limits their development. Therefore, manufacturers should increase their product series to enhance competitiveness.
Li Kaijun, manager of Suzhou Fuya Industrial and Mining Light Store and Chen Shuhua, manager of Suzhou Kangerfu Lighting Co., Ltd., think that the manufactures in East China obtain less market share than the Guangdong manufactures because their prices are not suitable for retail but advantageous in engineering.
Du Xinming, the one who is from Jinan Qianjing Lighting Co., Ltd. says some representative light manufacturers in East China have established partnership with the top 500 distributors in Jinan. Their products are of high reputation because of their excellencies in quality, R&D, market development and channel establishment. Ding Delang, the Jinan Distributor of Shanghai Luyuan says that Guangdong light manufacturers are speedy in market investment and development while the light manufacturers in East China should normalize their development path.

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