World is so Wide, Why is My Beautiful

                                   Sometimes, the degree of intentions will reflect your attitude to life.
                                       To be a fine woman, the body of every detail is very important.
                                        Autumn is finally coming, why still keep the summer nail yet?
                                                          Now, follow us to find new models
                                                          Let your beauty not miss any detail

1. Light blue striped fall nail (A very significant white nail)

2. Full of literary atmosphere (Blue-green geometric nail)

3. Lightly (Nude pink nail) Warm feeling

4. (Japanese floral nail) That’s well matched with autumn leaves

5. (Nude color small white flowers nail) This fresh nail makes people have to love.

6. Pattern is not complicated, more sophisticated (autumn wind Harajuku Nail)

7. I want to different, to have a (fantasy Star Nail)

The times have been advancing with the times, the emergence of a light therapy so that beauty you no longer just finished a few days after the coating on the dry nail off the trouble.

Nail light therapy machine can use the wavelength of 365nm UV light nail light therapy, cure light therapy glue. Making nail polish can be quickly dried, and nail polish is not easy to fall off which can keep more than one month. In the course of the operation there is no irritating odor, easy to polish; its gloss is also very good.
The UVA nail lamp of Anan issued by the light is invisible light, no harm to the eyes: the light is weaker than the sun, will not cause harm to the skin.

According to the different shape, it can produce two kinds of type tube, the H and straight type. The voltage is 110v or 220v.The lamp can be used in the environment of minus 10 to 50 degrees Celsius, the life of up to 10,000 hours, one year warranty.