The Curing Tube

The Curing Tube

The Curing Tube is a light that can emit Ultraviolet to cure shadow less glue (also means UV glue, photosensitive glue, UV curing glue). The UV curing is a chemical process that using Electromagnetic Radiation to transform low-molecular weight substances to the high one, such as, when the UV radiates the coating, it will produce radiation polymerization, radiation cross linking, radiation grafting. It’s commonly said that the wave which the curing tube emits is a long wave-UVA, that is to say, a UV that the wave is between 320 and 400nm, and the crest is 365nm.


1. Easy to use and without mixture single-component system;
2. Fast curing- finishing curing in seconds, in favor of automatic production line and improving labor productivity.
3. Low curing temperature, energy-saving.
4. No pollution, including air pollution and effluent pollution.
5. Excellent performance, wear, anti-solvent, and high strength.


According to different kind of demand, the curing light can divide into two types: UV high pressure Mercury lamp and UV low pressure Mercury lamp.

1. UV high pressure Mercury lamp: the crest of output is 365nm with short curing time. The base can be TOR, and the normal power can be 250w, 400w, and 500w.
2. UV low pressure Mercury lamp: Power: 20w/40w; Tube length: 1200mm; Irradiance range: ≦50w/m2; UV wave: 290nm~400nm; Because of low power, this kind of tube is fit for large square curing