Super long fluorescent tube

Super long fluorescent tubes refer to the fluorescent lamp and include a length of more than 1.5M (5ft) fluorescent tubes. Compared to ordinary fluorescent lamps, it has the advantage of a wide range of irradiation, no blind experiment; it is often used in large shopping malls, billboards, car parks, supermarkets, tunnels, farms and etc.

Zhejiang Anan Electronics Co., Ltd., as the largest production base of long fluorescent lamp, abandons the traditional manual production technology, and uses the most advanced set of semi-automated production equipment. Specializing in the production of high-power, long fluorescent tubes, to solve the vast majority of domestic factories unable to overcome the current difficult jump start, short life and other technical problems, greatly improving production efficiency.
8 feet (96 '') long fluorescent tubes can reach 40,000 per month, product consistency, quality and stability, can replace the current domestic use of similar imported products (such as Panasonic, Philips, NEC), etc., and exported to Europe and Japan, the quality of products by foreign customers unanimously approved standard models are available as follows:
Power: 58W / 65W / 72W / 75W / 85W / 100W / 110W / 160W / 180W ,T8-T12 straight fluorescent lamp, the length of 1200mm (48 '') - 2400mm (96 "), color temperature of 2700K-10000K, lamp Cap:G13 / R17D

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