Product Knowledge of Color Match Light

 I.Scope of use
Tubes of color, also known as high color rendering index lamp (Ra> 90).The high Ra lights are widely used in all walks of color management for accurate color proofing goods deviation for textile, printing, plastics, paint, ink, printing, paint, coating, chemical, ceramics, shoes, leather , hardware, zippers, chemicals, furniture, appliances, packaging, cosmetics and other color management.
II. The kind of color light source
Zhejiang Anan Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly produces D65 TL84 CWF UV F U30, A, TL83 other special light source. Commonly used for printing and dyeing industry has a color light source A, D65, TL84, CWF, U30 and the like. These sources are often a combination of professional manufacturers, arranged for customers in a standard light box for use.
A (INCA) light source
A light source is a tungsten of spiral lamp, color temperature is about 2 856K, is a typical incandescent lamp ,Which is mainly used for accent lighting family room or store.
D65 light source
In the standard illumination of D series, CIE recommended D65 as the preferred illumination. It is representative of color temp about 6 500K average daylight ,which is average measurement results  for regardless of the season of the year, regardless of time of day, day of the Northern Hemisphere north window light of a cloudy. However, due to the D65 spectral power distribution particular, there is no any kind of artificial light source can emit light with the same spectral power distribution D65, can only approximate simulation. In most standard boxes,  often use two color rendering fluorescent lamps to simulate D65 illumination.
Light for commercial customers (F Series Light)
T L84 light source (F11) belong to F series fluorescent lamps ,which are Philips (Philips) company's unique products, Because  it is so widely used in the M arks & Spencer (M & S) in United Kingdom that become an important commercial European market for color light source. TL84 light sources commonly used rare earth phosphor coating inside Philips.
CWF light source
CWF light source (F2) is mainly used in the US commercial and office, correlated color temperature is 4 150K. CWF is the abbreviation of Cool White Fluorescent.
U30 / TL83 light source (F12)
U30 the full name is Ultramarine 3000, is a trio-color fluorescent lamp, the color temperature is about 3000K. In across the United States Sears (Sears) department store, it is used by the Westinghouse (Westinghouse) manufactured U30 lamps.
Other sources
In addition to the above several light sources, also have UV light source, which is an ultraviolet lamp, often  used alone or with other light sources。
III. Conclusion
In the commonly used for color light source, the principle that no single source is better than another color of light, can only say that people are more accustomed to what kind of lighting conditions observed color. Due to long-term human life in daylight lighting environment, the most familiar and most daylight adaptation, therefore D65 should be the most suitable light source. But even simulate high color rendering fluorescent D65, and also because the price is expensive and can only be used in the laboratory, the real commercial widely used ordinary cool white fluorescent lamps and energy-efficient three-color fluorescent lamp, and in the family room, incandescent decoration been easy due to heavy use. In time for the color, we need to unify the conditions of color, clear color of the light source.
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