Plant-grow tube

Plant grow tube is a special function light. According to the growing principle of plant, it takes advantages of the light to replace the sunlight, so that the plant can still grow fast in a man-made environment.

Anan is a factory which specialized manufactures plant-grow tube. It has been 17 years old in the light and lighting industry, and well sold in the Chinese market. Plant-grow tube from Anan owns a better quality. Every process is after dog-eye, so that ensuring the lowest defective rate.


Light environment is an indispensable environment factor for plant growing. Through adjusting the light quality, it is an important skill of controlling the construction of plant morphology under the facility cultivation.

The effect of the spectrum to plant physiology

1. 280nm~315nm, lowest effect to morphology and physiology.

2. 315nm~420nm, because of lower assimilation of chlorophyll, it affects the photoperiod effect and prevent the stem extending.

3. 420nm~500nm, the best assimilation ratio of (blue) chlorophyll and carotenoids and the best effect of photosynthesis.

4. 550nm~620nm, low absorbing rate of pigment.

5. 620nm~750nm, Higher absorbing of red chlorophyll and appreciable impact to the photosynthesis and photoperiod effect.

6. 750nm~1000nm, low absorbing rate, and stimulate the cell to extend and affect blossom and seed germination.

7. >1000nm, transforming to calories.

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