The development of lighting-Ancient times to nowadays

Do you still remember the times in Epoch-making? Our ancestors make a fire by drilling wood for lighting and other usages.

Do you still remember the pictures in the times from earliest Xia and Shang to late Ming and early Qing dynasty that they trim their lamp to read?

Do you still remember the scenes from the period of Republic of China to the initial post liberation period that we use kerosene lamp for lighting?

Then, coming back to nowadays, our world is changing, so does our life. In our daily life, it appears different kind of light sources and makes it more and more colorful. We aren’t anxious for no light, on the contrary, we have to think about is to choose which style in so many products.

The tubes in Zhejiang Anan Electronics Co., Ltd absolutely satisfy your demand, and remove your selection phobia.

Halogen Fluorescent Tube-as the Havel among the cars, solving your request of cost.

Triphosphor Fluorescent Tube-as the Volkswagen among the cars, protecting your eyes.

Special Function Tube-as the Benz RV, professional and focus on solving your special request.

LED tube- as the Maserati, it is High-end atmospheric grade.

When we put so many products in front of you, and when you select your loved one and it is installed, whether the involuntary smile will be full of your face? I believe Anan can really make it be true, your best choice!