LED tube light, Serve for G20

 "Memories of Jiangnan, most memory in Hangzhou." The eleventh Group of Twenty (G20) leaders summit held in Hangzhou Which is the most beautiful place in China. Attention in developing countries, attention in developed countries, attention in the whole world, highlighting the development of China upholds the concept of peace and cultural charm. Held G20 summit, let Hangzhou become the focus of the world, and China, once again shocked the world.

Light show: China let the world amazing again.
G20, for China, is a turning point. It’s the strongest voice of China sent to world leaders. Bright lights, becomes the bridge Of Hangzhou Summit.

For the world, G20 is a perception. It is the world’s best gift for 1.4 billion Chinese compatriots. Hangzhou, become the SPOTLIGHT for world to understand China.

Fall in love with the city of Hangzhou, Fall in love with Nanshan Road,the beautiful LED light show in Hangzhou welcome the leaders of all over world .

Qianjiang New light show as the theme of city • Water •light • Movies, by the river, embankment, trees, buildings, lights together staged a cultural visual feast.

Hangzhou International Expo Center is the main venue of the G20 summit in Hangzhou. A topical venues Hangzhou manufactured LED lamp - This lamp is characterized by: high luminous efficiency, stable performance, even on the boiling pot with fire, you can still shine.

No light: the world is not just lack of light
Many people say, the lack of water in the world, the lack of fire humans will not survive. Today, we dare call sign to the universe: no lights in the world, not only the lack of light; there is no light in the world, destined to be perfect! Motives life, the intention to do lights, a celebration of the lighting industry's social mission and responsibility. Whether it is foreign brands, and domestic manufacturers, who participate in the G20 symphonic concert "light show", it is an honor, a kind of "lucky luxury."

As a lighting industry, we have reason to applause, cheers for ourselves. More reason to believe in yourself, in the colorful world of the future, we are still illuminated bright future "bright messenger." Regardless of whenever and wherever, Anan electronics will accompany all the way.