The best way of energy-saving for house lighting

Comfortable, healthy living environment is not only reflected in the decoration, but also in the test of visual light layout. The role of light is not limited to lighting; it is also relieve fatigue, making the atmosphere, foil atmosphere of the master

Appropriate LED light arrange will bring family warm and safe,meanwhile will not Cause burden to our eyes and body, but not everyone is the professional in using lighting, The wrong way is not only a waste of energy, but also affect the health。So, change the traditional fluorescent tube to be led tube, Let us open a new vision of health at home

Advantages of home LED lighting:
1. high efficiency and energy saving:Under the same lighting effects, LED lighting, one thousand hours only waste a few degrees electricity, LED lights are low voltage drive, ultra-low power consumption, high efficiency, energy saving than ordinary lighting lamps 60% to 80%;
2. Long life:LED light is Semiconductor chip luminescence ,No filament, No glass bubble, No afraid of shock, No easily broken, Service life of up to 30 thousand to 50 thousand hours;
3. Health:LED light is Constant current operation,Reducing led decay, quick start, no flicker, can protect eyesight very well;
4. installation is simple:When installed, take off original fluorescent lamp and replaced with a LED fluorescent lamp, so that the 220V alternating current is directly added to the LED fluorescent lamp at both ends.;
5. green environmental protection, can be recycled:LED light do not have any Pollution element, such as lead, Hg, There is no pollution to the home environment,,There are no ultraviolet and infrared rays, no radiation, no mosquitoes around the light source.,The room will be more clean and tidy.;
6. high light efficiency, small heat:LED light, The spectrum is almost all concentrated in the visible light frequency, 90% of the electric energy into visible light, LED light is a cold light source, can be safely touch;
7. easy dimming, color, high controllability;According to the requirements of the family, can adjust the lighting brightness, thus affecting the indoor lighting, bring out the different indoor environment, and the lighting of different colors with different emotional color, can according to the needs of families to create different physical effects。
Company profile:
Zhejiang Anan electronics co ltd is established in 1999,is a professional manufacturer specialized in special lighting resources such as LED lights, Various straight fluorescent tubes, energy saving lamps and so on.
ANAN fluorescent lamp is a product of modern high-tech and energy-saving lighting combination. ANAN main product:
1.Traditional fluorescent lamp:T8 18W 36W 58W 70W,T10 20W 40W,T12 20W 40W 65W 75W 100W 125W
2. LED Tube: Glass led tube T8 0.6m-1.5m 

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