Chinese New Year Lartern Festival

As Chinese New Year is near ending, but there is still an important festival at the day of 11th, Feb—The Dragon Lamp Festival.

On this happy evening, many of villages will hold a party and each family offers a long chair with different kinds of lamps and come into being a long dragon team. It will be lifted by men and walk around the village.
The lamps above the chair are lighted by candle. However, there is a new idea in my mind, which is if changes the candle to small led tube, and then it will be much safer. So the small tube must be inside power. Zhejiang Anan Electronics Co., LTD specially manufactures LED tube for 10 years. Though the kind of inside power that we don’t make usually but we can do many other kinds, as LED PC&AL tube, LED Glass tube and LED Nano tube.

1.LED Glass Tube

2.LED PC&AL Tube

3.LED Naro/PC Tube

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