LED in iphone7/7 plus

 As we all know that The Apple has updated the latest product—iphone7/7 plus at 8, Sept.. Actually, from 4 to 7, the led in the back is changed every series. Coming back to iphone7, are you interested in? If YES, then, go with me!

LED means light emitting diode. It is widely used in the lighting industry. However, in the iphone7, it is in the back. I believe that all of you have been see ever. You take it as a light in the dark. When goes back to ipone7, a new LED comes to our eyes. It uses four in one carrier tech, so that providing more light.

Do you know the advantages of LED?

1. LED is used in a low voltage environment. The voltage ranges from 6v to 24v, so it is safe to use.
2. More luminosu efficacy.
3. Small volume, easy to transport.
4. Stable, the lifespan can be up to 100,000 hours.
5. The response time is lighted in a wink.
6. No Mercury Pollution
7. When changing the current, the color will turn to red, yellow, green and orange.

In the lighting industry, many of led with MCPCB, glass tube, driver and cap can be composed of an LED glass tube. LED in iphone7 is 4, but in the LED tube, it can be more and more according to what watt you need. The series of LED tube can be divided into three parts:

1. LED Glass tube

2. LED PC and Aluminum tube

3. LED all PC cover tube

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