Aquarium tube

Aquarium tube, also called aqua-plant grow tube, is a kind of light that takes advantages of light to help aquatic plants and animals grow.

Main usages of Anan’s aquarium tube

Aquarium tube can divide to three types:

1. White tube: it gives out super white light and makes the ford more clear and transparent; in the meantime, it can accelerate the photosynthesis and growth and development of aqua-plant. What’s more, for the green aqua growing under 50-60 cm of water, it has better effective.

2. Red tube: this kind tube can accelerate fishes to grow healthily. When lighting it, the fish seems much brighter and more alive. However, the red fish could be better effect under this tube, such as golden fish in red, symphysodon aequifasciata, and hybrid cichlid and so on.

3. Blue tube: when lighted with this tube, the color of water will become cerulean, clear and vivid like the sea. Coral, polyodon spathala and shrimp ect are very applicative. Furthermore, the tube can accelerate the calcium absorbability of coral and compound vitamin D3 so that it can be much healthier and colorful.

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